Friday, September 23, 2011

Best Wedding Shower Centerpieces Ideas

Creative Wedding Shower CenterpiecesCreative Wedding Shower Centerpieces

The important aspect when you are planning a wedding shower centerpieces is to choose a theme. Once you are choose the theme, it would be easier to coordinate the decor with the motif. You can choose for a color motif theme with choose the colors that the would be bride prefers.

Unique Wedding Shower CenterpiecesUnique Wedding Shower Centerpieces

You can use mugs with balloons for wedding shower centerpieces with purchase mugs for all guest and choose a generic white color for the mug and buy the same number of helium balloons in the color motif and do not forget to buy candies and curling ribbons. Then attach a balloon in the mugs and accent it with some curling ribbons with set the height of the balloon and attach some more curling ribbons at the balloons nub. Then fill the cut netting or cellophane with candies, nicely wrap in the candies and place it in the mug and stack up the mugs with pyramid style. So, now you have beautiful mugs with candies and balloons for wedding shower centerpieces.

Beautiful Wedding Shower Centerpieces With CandleBeautiful Wedding Shower Centerpieces With Candle

You can also make a champagne basket as a wedding shower centerpiece. This idea very well for any theme. Get a wicker basket and have it painted in white or in the wedding's color motif. Buy some mini champagne and wine and fill the basket with them. Attach curling ribbons at the neck of each mini bottle and arrange them, adding crepe paper to fill up voids. So, after the wedding party, all guest can take home a mini champagne as souvenir.

Elegant Wedding Shower Centerpieces With FlowersElegant Wedding Shower Centerpieces With Flowers

You can also choose for the traditional fresh flower arrangement for wedding shower centerpieces. To give it a twist, stick on some chocolate candles on the arrangement. You can do this by making chocolate lollipops with long plastic sticks.

Easy Wedding Shower CenterpiecesEasy Wedding Shower Centerpieces

For a more informal wedding shower centerpiece, make a balloon centerpiece with the picture of the bride to be right in the center of the arrangement.
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